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Английский язык (к экзамену)
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Список тем + полные тексты топиков

Список тем к экзамену:

1. Defining Public Administration. Historical Overview of Public Administration.

2. Public Administration Personnel: Role-Types, Roles Conflicts, Role Overloads.

3. People in Computing. How to Become an IT Manager.

4. Recent Development in IT.

5. The Future of IT.

6. The Role of the Internet in the contemporary World. The Internet Services.

7. Synchronous and Asynchronous Types of Computer-Mediated Communication.

8. Choosing a Free Internet Service Provider.

9. Creating a Webpage for Use on the World Wide Web.

10. Computing Support. Diagnosing most Common Faults and Giving Advice.

11. Types of Computer Crimes. Hackers and the Problem of Data Security.

12. The Anatomy of Computer Viruses. The Main Parts of the Virus Code.

13. Types of Documentation Needed by Companies.

14. Determining User Requirements.

15. Functional Specification.

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