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Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus
Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus was established in January of 1991 as an institution of higher and advanced education designed to train public administration personnel. The Academy is the primary in-service competence improvement center of Belarus civil service. It has been continuously adapting its programs to meet the changing needs of modern society. More than 40 000 well-qualified specialists have since graduated from the Academy.

The Academy has a staff well respected for their research work, sought after for commercial advise, and dedicated to developing the talents of the course members through teaching. The Academy boasts 21 Scientific Chairs and more than 20 professors, 108 Doctors.

The Academy is a dynamic fast-growing institution that provides the advancement and the pursuit of knowledge. It seeks to develop contacts with national and international partners to develop series of programs that will enable students to extend and improve their managerial abilities.

Center for International Cooperation and Educational Programs
The Center for International Cooperation and Educational Programs promotes international staff-training and research programs, projects in public and business administration, economics and law, holds international seminars, conferences and presentations, and organizes exchange programs abroad for the faculty and students.

The Academy’s partners are similar institutions and research centers within C.I.S and of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, India, China, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and other states.

The heads of diplomatic missions and that of the international organizations offices accredited in the capital city Minsk have been guests and lecturers in the Academy contributing to enhancing links and developing bilateral collaboration programs.

Institute of Public Administration
Institute of Public Administration provides quality training in economics, law, and political science for future specialists within the state legislative, executive and judicial bodies as well as other governmental institutions.

The Institute trains more than 2000 full-time and extra mural students, specializing in Public Administration and Law, Public Administration and Economy.

Institute for Civil Service
The Institute for Civil Service provides advanced training for executives and specialists from various governmental establishments.
Among the students of the Institute are specialists from the Office of the President; the Cabinet of Ministers, Constitutional, Supreme, and Supreme Economic Courts of the Republic of Belarus; Members of Parliament; Ministries, State Committees, regional, local and municipal executive committees, local administrative bodies, institutions and enterprises. The core subjects of the programs include Public Administration, Management, Economics, Law, International Relations, Social Studies, Politics and Information Technologies.

Research Institute of the Theory and Practice of Public Administration
The Research Institute of the Theory and Practice of Public Administration has been established to carry out research in Public Administration, as well as to monitor and analyze the potential of managerial personnel. The research centers of the Institute are engaged in examining and acquiring and adapting international experience relating to educational technologies in Public Administration.

The Academy offers postgraduate and doctorate studies in Economics and Governance of the national economy; World Economy; Production Management; Constitutional Law, Municipal Law; Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; International Private Law; Administrative Law; Financial Law; International Law; European Law; Civil Process, Arbitration; Psychology; Engineering Psychology; Sociology of Management; Theory of Politics; History and Methodology of Political Science; Political Problems of International Relations and Global Development.

Institute for Top Managerial Personnel
The Institute for Top Managerial Personnel was established in 1996 to train top level executives for Ministries, public institutions, local governments, local and regional deputies, regional, local and municipal executive committees, and municipal administration.

Annually about 4000 top executives get further training and extend their knowledge in Economics, Fiscal, Credits and Monetary Policy; External Economy; Foreign Policy; Diplomacy and other subjects.

Center for Information Technologies
The Center for Information Technologies of the Academy provides information support for managerial staff; explores new information technologies for education and management; takes part in international projects, carries out scientific research in the sphere of information technologies. The Information about the Center for Information Technology can be viewed at
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